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About Wendy Newark and Banshee Artwear

I am an artist living and working in Whitstable, Kent. My background is in fine art with an emphasis on sculpture. Previously, my work used steel and rubber to create hefty, industrial pieces for installations and single exhibits.

The following pictures show the installations I created for my degree show at the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury. Since then, I have used a variety of materials and techniques to make smaller experimental structures that have a more organic, personal quality, yet retain my bold and alternative style. My sculptures are unique pieces and are available to buy.

More recently my focus has been on contemporary, handmade jewellery that again uses rubber from repurposed cycle inner tubes. The result is Banshee Artwear, a collection of exclusive wearable art that's striking and bold. The jewellery ranges from statement pieces to alternative/punky and Boho-chic items. I also create simpler designs for everyday street wear that would complement most styles of clothing, and still be very distinctive.

I find rubber to be a very versatile medium that allows me to create pieces that are rugged, as well as ones that are surprisingly refined. Being soft and supple, it also makes them extremely comfortable to wear. It develops an attractive sheen with wear and is a fabulous alternative to leather. The upcycling of inner tubes for my collection aligns with a long-held environmental ethic.

My current focus is to explore further the use of rubber in jewellery making, and to develop more techniques, including weaving.

Rubber has many fascinating properties. I particularly like that it can be manipulated and woven to create form. The act of weaving enables me to incorporate other materials and objects that can shape, even change, a final piece. This constant evaluation means that nothing is predetermined; there is always something to be found in the process that informs my next piece of work.
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